Training hospital of the year 2016

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow

Full results

Past winners:

2015 – Newham

2014 – Queen’s Hospital Romford


How is ‘THOTY’ awarded?

3 objective measures:

1. Overall numbers

2. Percentage STS/STU/Performed to assisted

3. Number of indicative procedures achieved

8 subjective questions:

4. Average Number Clinics/week?

5. Average Number Operating sessions/week

6. How do you rate the educational value of the trauma meeting/MDT

7. Are you given fair opportunity to get to teaching?

8. Are clinics used to provide any educational value?

9. Does this hospital support audit/research/publications?

10. Are your training needs considered in planning theatre casemix volume or type?

11. Would you recommend this job?


Data obtained at two x 6-month intervals