Trainer of the Year 2016 – Mr Jeh Mahaluxmivala


Mr Mahaluxmivala possesses all the qualities of an excellent trainer. After every changeover of registrars’ batch, he spends a weekend teaching them history taking and clinical examination for lower limb pathologies. His flawless system works well regardless of the complexity of the case. In theatre, he is known for paying attention to minute details in every aspect of surgery starting from pre op planning, patient positioning to meticulous and reproducible surgical techniques.

He empowers trainees to be responsible and in control of theatre on their operating day. He is very supportive, approachable and provides personalised mentoring to trainees clinical and operative requirements. Mr Mahaluxmivala has a passion for teaching. He conducts special sessions after work for exam based teaching for registrars preparing for exam, which is very popular in the rotation.

He runs the FRCS trauma and orthopaedic course at the Royal College of Surgeons of England.   He is also an important faculty of the Harlow Knee course and Cambridge Basic Science Course. He is well supported by his consultant colleagues. Working together they have developed an excellent reputation of their department with very high educational value. As a senior consultant of the department he is actively involved in making sure that despite the pressures of NHS administration trainees are well supported. He is a strong supporter of London based trainees remaining at Harlow. I would like to nominate him as the trainer of the year for his dedication, professionalism and inspiring contributions towards training.‘ – Trainee


Mr Sivakolundu Suresh (Colchester)

Mr Krishna Vemulapalli (Queens)

Mr Rajiv Bajekal (Barnet/Royal Free)

Mr Homayoun Banan (Queens)

Mr Livio Di Mascio (RLH)

Mr Matthew Barry (RLH)

Kes Sri-Ram (Whipps Cross)


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Mr Bates was also the winner of the ‘BOTA 2014 Trainer of the Year’

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