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Royal London Hospital

‘Management of paediatric femoral diaphyseal fractures’
J Stammers, N Picardo, M Barry
Aim: To compare management of femoral fractures children <17 to AAOS guidelines and length of stay between 3 sites. Cost analysis.  31st May 2014 and 31st May 2015
Findings:  Overall good compliance with guidelines  Length of stay delay at Whipps Cross due to delayed spica
Implementation: Early spica
Comments: For re-auditing in spring 2017


Whipps Cross Hospital


Homerton Hospital


Queen’s Hospital, Romford


Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore


Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital


Basildon Hospital


Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow


Broomfield Hospital


Colchester Hospital

TLSO bracing in thoracolumbar fractures – an audit of practice
I Kwok, M Blackman, S Suresh
Aim: Audit current practice, looking at nature of spinal injuries, length of bed rest, hospital LOS, complications of bracing treatment
Intervention implemented: Yes
Comments: First cycle presented in departmental meeting.  Awaiting collection of data for 2nd cycle


Time from A&E attendance to Orthopaedic Clinic Appointment
J Stammers, M Loeffler
Aim: To ensure that patients attending A&E are seen by an Orthopaedic specialist in clinic in adequate time to improve quality of care. (BOAST 7)
Findings from first cycle: 1) Patients presenting on Monday have the highest mean wait.  2) Patients presenting on Thursday are least likely to be seen within 72 hours
Intervention implemented:  Compare clinic requirements with demand.  Expansion of Friday clinic.
Comments: Awaiting collection of data for 2nd cycle.


An audit of acute medical delays in NOF# patients
J Stammers, P Sloper
Aim: To review medical cancellations in patients operated >36 hours from admission to A&E between April and September 2013.(BOAST 1)
Findings:  Poor coding and note keeping.  Need to improve medical input pre-op for tariff, Echo provision etc.  Improved warfarin management to ensure early appropriate reversal.
Implementation: Echo slot priority for pre-op NOFs.  Improved warfarin reversal protocol.
Comments: Awaiting collection of data for 2nd cycle.


Newham Hospital

Audit of fracture clinic services
N Picardo-Green, S Jaufuraully, U Ashraf, A Carlos
Aim: To evaluate the quality of our fracture clinic service compared to the BOAST guidelines


Southend Hospital

TTA completion in theatre
J Stammers
Aim: To assess TTA completion for day case and short stay patients. 1 week June 2012.
Findings: Good completion by training SHOs/FY1s in theatre. Poor compliance by locums.
Implementation: Improved awareness of poor efficiency, locum training and accountability to be improved.
Comments: Awaiting collection of data for 2nd cycle.